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Shop Hours
Saturday & Sunday
10AM ‘til 2:30PM
Sometimes we are here as early as 8AM
Sometimes not…
Sometimes we are here as late as 6PM
But not usually

#3 - in the Music Shed at the White Horse Flea Market
2710 White Horse Road.
Greenville, SC
(Plans in the works to move to the 'mini-mall' with more days and expanded hours open!)

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Greetings One and All!

Our 'Brick-n-Mortar' store is growing every week! Because we don't have room for all the wonderful items that we have found, in the store, we have been working to build a cyberstore. Far from complete...not even ready to operate yet, but if you want to take a HERE

Our Herbs

Your local source for...

Alchemy Gothic * Spirit by Alchemy* Dragons of the Runering

Journals * Tarot Cards * Greeting Cards * Music

800+ statues, images of Goddesses and Gods, jewelry, books, & music

The works of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Monday through Friday, please call
On Saturday's & Sunday's, during store hours, please call


We share a egroup with our siter store - The Owl & The Raven.
We invite you to join it to keep updated on events and, of course, new arrivals in the store.
Simply fill in your email address and click join!
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