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    Stone Magick

Spiritual Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

Stones carry electro-magnetic properties within them,
Many are used as casting stones, rune stones, and within working magick.

There are two basic energies that stones possess. They are either projective, or receptive. Projective stones tend to be strong, bright, forceful. Receptive stones are calm, inward, peaceful.


Projective stones are masculine in nature and can be used in healing, protection, intellectual powers, luck, success, will power, courage, and for self-confidence.

Receptive stones are feminine in nature and can be used for soothing, love, wisdom, compassion, eloquence, sleep, dreams, friendship, growth, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, psychism, mysticism.

AMAZONITE – (Receptive)  A green member of the Feldspar clan. Gemstone Lore: Traditional wisdom holds that Amazonite bestows truth, sincerity and honor; a stone of communication, she improves eloquence, allowing us to speak from the heart. Amazonite’s impeccable energy encourages honesty and integrity in all situations. She promotes candor, openness, truth and trust, at the same time teaching us to see with clear sight and expanded vision. For she is a prophetess of the mineral clan. When held to the third eye (the forehead), Amazonite unlocks the ’starlight vision’, the ability to see the past, present and future with depth and clarity. She fosters clairvoyant visions, for she can see far and deep; and that which she sees, she relates with courage and insight. As she speaks truth and teaches us to do likewise, Amazonite is very useful for divination and prophecy of all kinds.  

AMBER -  (Projective)  Imbues those who befriend it with the ageless wisdom of the pine trees. Wisdom, Purification, Energy, Balancing, Healing. Dream and Meditation enhancer.  

AMETHYST - (Receptive)   Increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditative and psychic abilities, and inner peace. Valued for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, to bring an understanding of death and rebirth, to amplify healing, to promote altered states of consciousness and relive stress.   Amethyst is seen as one of the most important and powerful stones and serves as the medicine woman, or high priestess of the mineral clan. Amethyst is a strong but gentle teacher of all things spiritual, mystical, and psychic. Leading us into the sprit realm where all things become possible.  
APACHE'S TEAR - (Projective)  Protection, cleansing, warding, grounding, Element Fire
AQUAMARINE - (Receptive)  Peace, balance, emotional healing, purification, Element Water
AVENTURINE - (Projective)   Green  Heart - Soothes emotions, used for the heart and heartache, for acceptance of self and others, for inner peace. Increases perception and creative insight. Stimulates opportunity and motivation.
BLACK QUARTZ - Stimulates the third eye & crown charkas. Black Quartz can open one's consciousness to inner visions. It is also said to stimulate clairvoyance, mediumship and other psycho spiritual abilities such as prophecy. It is also said to harmonize the astral, subtle and causal bodies.  

BLOODSTONE - (Projective)  Healing, potency and strength, Element Earth

BLUE TOPAZ - Topaz increase Good Fortune, Happiness and Hope. Blue Topaz inspires Leadership Ability, Psychic Knowing, Spiritual Growth, Tranquility, and Psychic Insight.  

CALCITE - (Receptive)  Blue for healing, peace, sleep, Element Water  Green for Prosperity, luck, cleansing, Element Earth

CARNELIAN-  (Projective)  A form of Chalcedony, and is a member of the Quartz Family. Gemstone Lore emphasizes Carnelian’s power to enhance Energy Flow, Creativity, Individuality, Past Life Recall, Emotional Warmth, Sociability, Courage, Happiness, Self-esteem, Rebirth and Memory. Carnelian is the Harvester of dreams, it is good to hold a Carnelian in your hand and make a wish to harvest something you have worked hard for. A relative of the Agate, Carnelian is an Earth-oriented, Nature-loving stone. Teaching us to come into harmony with the laws of nature and with the turning of the seasons, so that our lives can be further harmonized. Carnelian calms our fears about death and rebirth and allows us to see our past lives, reassuring us that life does not end but circles endlessly – like the seasons themselves.  

CHRYSOCOLLA - (Receptive)  emphasizes positive feminine aspects, emotional balance, communication and healing, Element Water

CHRYSOPRASE - (Receptive)  joy, friendship, good luck, prosperity, Element Earth

CITRINE – (Projective)  People have long Believed  Citrine to be an Energizer, Furthering Prosperity, Abundance, Generosity, Spiritual Growth, Awareness and Creative Power. An expression of sunlight – warming and life giving – it stimulates Earthly Pleasure, Protection, Strength and Confidence.  Citrine is considered Healing to the Digestion and the Emotions, as well as Strengthening to the Body.  

COPPER - This metal id Highly Conductive and promotes channeling, cleansing, luck, prosperity, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy. Copper facilitates the flow of energy. It is also is used as a conduit for electro-magnetic energy fields.

EMERALD - (Receptive)  The green color of emerald is the sign of spring, it is believed that Emeralds stood for rebirth and fertility, and could ease childbirth. Emeralds have often been used to provide protection on journeys. It is said that one who is in possession of an Emerald will be provided with the protection of God/Goddess, blessed with good fortune, posses mystical powers, have strengthened memory, intelligence, and the ability to predict the future. Often times, the Emerald was worn as a talisman, because of the belief of its ability to ward off evil spirits and possession.
Emeralds are also believed to hold healing powers, both emotional and physical. Noted for lifting depression,  a cure for insomnia, detoxify blood, and treat ailments of the heart, eyes, pancreas, backbone, lymph nodes, intestines, kidneys and thymus. It is also believed that Emeralds alleviate complications of diabetes and enhance the immune system.  Emeralds have long been used for their emotional and mental powers. Many believe that wearing an Emerald will provide will power, mental clarity and easing of stressed states. Emerald is also associated with providing love and fidelity, inspiration, wisdom, harmony, growth, patience, peace and abundance.  

FLUORITE – (Projective)  Amplifies other stones, Fluorite is usually presented in the teachings as a psychic shield, unblocking energy while also energizing and protecting. This stone fosters Truth, Intellect, and Consciousness. A very Protective stone, especially in the psychic realm, Fluorite affords us safe journey to the world of spirit and is most helpful to persons attempting astral travel. Fluorite keeps us well balanced, with a foot in each world, even in the most transcendent of meditative states. This lovely stone opens us up to the realization that there is a spirit world to be discovered and explored and then protect us when we journey to those numinous places.

(BLUE FLUORITE calms the emotions PURPLE FLUORITE increases spiritual Balance and Mystic Visions. YELLOW FLUORITE nurtures Wisdom, Knowledge, and Intelligence. WHITE FLUORITE builds Purity of Spirit.)  

GARNET - (Projective)  Is one of the oldest gemstones in human history; its use dates back to the Bronze Age. Garnet has taken on the symbolism of many things from fire and love to blood and seeds. Garnet promotes the summoning of ancient memories and aids us in recovering past live incarnations. It's healing abilities work on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Among it's most powerful healing abilities is as a cleanser of the bodies energies. Not only does it renew and purify it takes purification to the next level by revitalizing and restoring a broken or damaged spirit. Career success, Social Popularity, Sexuality, Love, Passion and Self-Confidence  

GOLD – One of the Elemental metals; Gemstone Lore: Traditional wisdom associates Gold with happiness, honor, generosity, strength of will and wealth. Gold is the sacred metal to the Sun God and, as such, embodies the God’s attributes. Therefore, this metal inspires virtue, moral excellence and nobility of mind. A magnanimous metal, willing to share his strength and life-giving warmth with all. Gold stimulates the mental process and promotes high-mindedness as well as positive thoughts. Gold augments good humor and high spirits, lending a cheering influence on the environment.  

GOLDSTONE -This is a variety of feldspar containing flex of gold, mica, titanium or pyrite. Goldstone is said to work quite well with the opening and stabilizing of the crown chakra and is also said to Attract Money, Prosperity, Abundance, and opportunity. It brings Protection and Luck to the traveler away from home. Great Transmitter carries a High Vibration.

HAWK’S EYE – (Projective)  Gemstone Lore: Hawk’s Eye is associated with Serenity, Peace and Perspective. Just as the Hawk see equally well at Night and in the Day, so the Hawk’s Eye Quartz teaches us to see both the Dark and the Light aspects of the Earth plane. With him nearby we can learn to come to terms with the imperfections of this world in a calm and discerning way. It is He who teaches us how to Learn from all our experiences, to appreciate the workings of Karma and seek a broader understanding of how all things ultimately work together for the Good. Hawk’s Eye Fosters Abundance, Prosperity, and Riches right here on the Earth Plane. For he teaches us that True Abundance on Earth is found in an Awareness and Oneness with Nature. It is realizing that you are bathed in Gold every time you walk in the Golden Sunlight, that you are surrounded by Jewels of emerald green whenever you go into a Woodland Dell, that there are no greater riches than the Rich Dark Feel and Touch of the Abundant Earth beneath your feet. Hawk’s Eye teaches you all this and Awakens your Life   to Prosperity beyond your Wildest Dreams. For to live as One with our Sacred Earth Mother is to be bathed in Good Fortune Always. Lord Hawk’s Eye will gently lead you back to Her. Keep him near and you will find yourself getting outdoors more and appreciating it more. Then Life on Earth will become Rich, Rewarding, and Satisfying.  

HEMATITE – (Receptive) Gemstone Lore: Hematite is generally said to promote balance, focus, convergence and concentration of energy. A stone that helps us to get to the heart or essence of things. Hematite is the scholar of the mineral clan, teaching us to extract the substance from which we need to know.  Hematite encourages the mind to focus and influences convergence on MANY levels, while promoting the gathering together of people. So is the gift of Hematite to centralize ideas, energy and humans. Hematite is an excellent stone to place to place in the middle of a group to help it achieve like minds- among friends or family too.  This stone builds reliability, confidence and trust, a steady and stabilizing presence.  

HOWLITE - (Receptive)  Purity, clarity, innocence, cleansing. Element Air

IOLITE - (Receptive)  is used to help us connect with our souls and to heal our bodies..  It will help us to understand who we are and why we are on the planet at this time, assisting us with spiritual growth and stimulating shamanic visions. Use this stone for guidance in difficult times.   What is unique about working with Iolite is the sense of protection you feel while delving into the deepest levels of your self.  Iolite gives unconditionally. It is a very powerful stone and can bring about positive energies when you allow this stone to come into your life.  Physically, Iolite is said to aid headaches and strengthen the entire system, promoting health on all levels.  

JASPER - protective, nurturing stone in many varieties. Brown Jasper (Receptive)  grounding, balancing, Element Earth  Leopard Jasper (Projective) shapeshifter energies, aids creativity and visualization, Elemental Earth  Red Jasper (Projective)  justice, friendship, balance, Element Fire  Yellow Jasper (Projective)  promotes positive energy and self-image, strength
JET - (Receptive)  protection, grounding, balance stone to clear quartz, Element Earth
KYANITE - (Projective)  aligns chakras instantly, never needs cleansing, communication and clarity during meditation, Element Air

LABRADORITE - (Receptive)  One of the Wizards  Stones. Strengthens Aura and developing Psychic Powers. Knowledge, Resolve, Understanding, Communication, Transformation. It is also a very good healing stone.  Labradorite is sometimes associated with the third eye (brow) chakra. It enhances psychic abilities and strengthens one's sense of self-worth. It adds to one's personal strength. With its shifting sheen of blues, greens and yellow can be seen as a colorful "shield" against auric weakness.

LAPIS LAZULI -  Throughout the ages, Lapis has been regarded as the stone of Truthfulness and as a Strengthener of the Mind and Body. Lapis opens us up in ALL ways, Including openness to Psychic Experience. This stone allows us to tap out Inner Power and Purifies the Soul and Thoughts. Lapis is also associated with Self-Confidence, Tranquility, and Positive Magic. This is a stone that speaks of the Power and Mystery of the Night Sky. The golden flecks within the deep blue are expressions of Starlight. Lapis is the Star Goddess of the Stones; she knows the deep mysteries of night and space, opening the soul to Spirit Quests of the Highest Nature.

LEPIDOLITE - (Projective)  acceptance of transition or change, transformation, clear thought, Element Spirit  

LODESTONE - (Projective)  grounding and protection, reflecting spells, Elemental Earth, opens 3rd Eye  

MOOKAITE-  A stone of the "here and now." It can help one balance the internal and external and acceptance of change. It helps with living meditation, where one makes a meditation of any act one does. Mookaite is a very protective stone, and is particularly good as an emotional protector. In the physical realm it stabilizes health and fortifies the immune system. Mookaite is associated with the lower charkas

MOONSTONE - (Receptive)  Generally said to promote good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, happiness, humanitarian love, hope, and spiritual insight. Traditionally believed to ease childbirth and protect those who travel on water. Considered to reflect emotions and feelings. Moonstone is the stone of the Moon Goddess. She imparts all that is feminine, mysterious and loving in a gentle nurturing way. Lady Moonstone reflects our feelings back to us, so we can get in touch with our emotions in order to use our innermost feelings. An expression of the Moon, this stone offers the hope of new beginnings just as the new moon offers the same. And as the full moon pours out the energies of abundance and fullness overflowing as mother’s milk, so does Lady Moonstone. At the dark of the Moon, the ancient wisdom of a wise old woman is poured upon the Earth In a time to mediate, dream, turn inward, and accept the death of the old so as to make way for the new. Moonstone imparts all these energies to us. When working with Moonstone it is best to attune her subtle yet powerful energies to the Moon’s phases. Then her power will come to the fore.

MOSS AGATE - (Receptive)  Moss Agate is associated with healing, Harmony and rain; it has a restorative effect on all living beings. This unifying stone links us to the plant kingdom, DEVAS or NATURE SPIRITS Our lives are made richer when we can communicate directly to the Nature Spirits., for they have an ancient wisdom and a healing love we can tap. Moss Agate helps us bridge the communication gap between the human and plant clans so that we can speak to the flowers, the grasses, the herbs and the tress and in return understand all that they say. Moss Agate also aids fertility of plants. Placed in a plant pot or garden, it will help stimulate the growth of the green beings. This harmonious stone fosters cooperation between people and nature, teaching us that for a whole and happy life, we must co-exist in concord and unity with all who share this beautiful planet with us.

OBSIDIAN - (Projective)  a volcanic glass that is created from the lava flows that accompany eruptions. Gemstone Lore: Black Obsidian is a Powerful Stone dedicated to Change, Transformation, Metamorphosis, Purification, Fulfillment, Inner Growth and Introspection. Black Obsidian teaches us to get in touch with reality, to strip ourselves of illusions and to deal with the ‘Earth Plane’ effectively. Black Obsidian also appreciates the mystery of the psychic plane, knowing full well that it is good to walk in both the realms of the spirit and the realms of mundane reality, to be successful in both worlds. Through Black Obsidian we are taught that the Earth is the starting point; if one cannot master that, one cannot be adroit in other, more numinous planes.  A teaching stone, which exposes our rationalizations and illusions about ourselves while encouraging us to face those faults in order to correct them. Black Obsidian represents night at its darkest – a sphere filled with mystery yet blanketed in peace, inducting deep magical dreams and intuitive wisdom. To some, the blackness of night is frightening, especially those who fear their own subconscious. This stone helps us get in touch with those parts of ourselves we consciously keep hidden. Thought buried deep within the darkness along with our secrets and fears, they are nevertheless transformed into precious jewels when they are brought to the light of awareness.  

ONYX – Increased vigor, strength, and stamina are the gifts of Onyx. This stone can also enable us to become more stable, grounded, and settled. Infusing all who befriend it, with constancy and steadfastness, it can assist us in ‘weathering the storm’ in any situation and help us create permanence and constancy through life’s ups and downs. This stone aids us in finding that which is lasting, durable, and worth hanging onto, and then gives us the tenacity to hold onto it firmly. It is an especially good friend to have when we need to adhere to our high values in the difficult or confusing times of our lives.  

OPAL - (Receptive)  journeying, divination, visualization, beauty, grace, Element Water and Spirit

PEARL – Pearls are made in the matrix of Living Sea Creatures.  The pearl is said to bring about Greater Purity, Honesty, Innocence, and Integrity. A Refined and Wholesome energy, bringing the user back to Life’s Basic Truths. Concentration, Focus of Energy, Tranquility.  

PERIDOT – The patron stone of healers associated with recuperative ability, encouraging one to bounce back from physical, emotional and even spiritual traumas. Peridot helps one to be strong and resilient. Inspiration, Purification, Growth, Intuition, Healing, Renewal, Rebirth.  

PYRITE -  (Projective)  A Member of the Metallic Mineral Clan; Pyrite is traditionally considered to be Intellectually Stimulating.  He is the Genius of the Mineral Clan and is thought to increase Mental Abilities, Augment the Intellect and Stabilize the Mind. Pyrite links the Left Hemisphere of the brain with the right and so facilitates Communication between Logic and Emotions, Analysis and Creativity. This Interconnection and flow between the two Brain Hemispheres promote a Mental Environment Conductive to the Unfolding of our Talents, Abilities, Skills and Gifts and the Discovery of out Individual Genius. Pyrite unleashes our particular gift and allows it to flow.

QUARTZ - Clear (Projective/Receptive)  For clarity and focus in the spirit realm; Power stone, energizes, cleanses, clears, amplifies and focuses energy, meditation, healing  Green Quartz (Receptive)  healing, peace, calm, Element Earth  Rose Quartz (Receptive)  love, emotional healing, friendship, calm, Element Water  Rutilated Quartz (Projective)  Martial stone, power, strength, Element Air and Fire  Smoky Quartz (Receptive)  cleansing toxins and negativity, healing, breaking old habits and addictions, grounding, balance

RED CORAL- Attuning us to the sea, and the sea’s inhabitants. Carrying all the qualities of the Ocean and its vast ancient power. Creativity, Passion, Wisdom, Optimism, Enthusiasm  

RED GARNET -  Associated with Career Success, Social Popularity and Self-Confidence.  Red Garnet is Linked to Romantic Love and Passion, Inspiration, and a general Energizing of the Body and Mind. This Stone promotes the Summoning up of Ancient Memories and therefore aids us in recovering Past Life Incarnations.  

RED JASPER – A member of the Quartz Clan. Throughout the ages Jasper has been regarded as the stone of relaxation and contentment. This soothing and compassionate stone promotes mothering, nurturing and caring. Jasper is very supportive, lending deep tranquility to all who keep her near; for hers is a comforting consoling presence. Jasper represents the sun at its setting, the close of yet another day, the gentle turning of the universal rhythms. This mellow stone therefore signifies completion, wholeness and gentle endings. She teaches us that all things must end so as to make way for the new.  She offers perspective and solace to those who are grieving over the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. Jasper is a good influence on people who have a hard time finishing tasks. This stone helps us to follow through, encouraging us to keep enthusiasm alive until the task is done. This is a stone attuned to universal order and, as such, is good for those who have disorganized and scattered thoughts or who need more organizational ability.

RUBY - (Projective)  Courage, honor, integrity, leadership, power, Element Fire

SERPENTINE - (Receptive)  clears clouded chakras, aids meditation, Element Earth and Air

SILVER - An Elemental Metal; A Metal of Great Psychic Abilities, and Powers, Fostering Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Divination and Astral Travel. Silver is the Patron Metal of those who love and respect Women, Nature, and the Female Principal of Creation. Hope, Meditation, Unconditional and Universal Love.  

SMOKEY QUARTZ -  (Receptive)  Gemstone lore considered smokey quartz to promote serenity, calmness, and positive thoughts. It is thought helpful in calming fears, soothing nerves and lifting depression. It is a spiritual stone and can help us turn our wishes and dreams into reality. Smokey Quartz ranges in color from dark brownish gray to black and is linked to the subconscious mind. Therefore it is a good choice for those who wish to tap into the wisdom of the collective subconscious, which is all the minds of the world linked at a subconscious level. There is great wisdom and power in the subconscious, and Smokey Quartz can help it unfold. Smokey is the ZEN master of the stones, teaching us to simplify our lives and carry out life's details in a centered, spiritual manner. Smokey teaches us to live our daily life in a sacred manner and take a zen approach to life. If we infuse even the smallest details of our lives with meaning, spirit and awareness, then our entire lives will be a balance between the sacred spirit plane and the sacred earth plane..    

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: A volcanic glass that is created from the lava flows that accompany eruptions. It is primarily black, with grayish white 'snowflakes' of hardened ash.  Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone of psychic protection. It is a stone which can purify the auric field of negative influences from within and without. Believed to dispel bad dreams & anxieties, and to help one align with the Divine Light. Snowflake Obsidian Strengthens and enhances balance especially during times of change. It is said to help one stay safe by being more aware of dangers. Enhances/Strengthens: balance especially during times of change   Diminishes/Lessens: instability, fear

Just as the matter of this stone has come through the volcanic fire that created its present beauty, so can it help people calm their fears and maintain their balance during times of change. Let its journey of rebirth through seeming peril into greater beauty remind you that all changes do pass and it is possible to emerge from them stronger and more vital than before.  

SODALITE – (Projective) Enhances Rational Thinking, Logic, Intelligence, Emotional Balance, and Higher Knowledge. Sodalite facilitates Learning, Proficiency, Intuition, truth and Consciousness. This is the Patron stone of those who seek Wisdom.

SUNSTONE - (Projective)  promotes happiness, light, negates fear, revitalizes energy, courage, Element Fire and Air

TIGER’S EYE -  (Projective)   This is a member of the Quartz Clan; Tiger’s Eye enhances Protection, Clear Thinking, Personal Empowerment, Integrity, Willpower, Practicality and integration of Spirit with the mundane. It grants the user Courage, Will, Strength and Grace. Tiger’s Eye integrates and balances Male and Female energies.  A stone of great Power, enabling the user to tap into their inner power; nurture and create with that power, use it wisely, and see clearly without illusion.  

TOURMALINE – (Receptive)  Tourmaline’s attributes include the power to enhance flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion, serenity, balance, positive transformation, healing and strength. Tourmaline is an excellent channel to the higher forces and is often used in conjunction with praying to celestial being. Tourmalines wide range of color (from clear white to all the way to black) teaches us that the light shines in many colors, many expressions and that as long as a person walks a positive spiritual path, we should accept their belief system as good for them. We should not judge others or be intolerant. This stone teaches that THERE ARE MANY PATHS TO THE LIGHT. The main message of Tourmaline is to live harmoniously with the whole range of humanity.   BLACK TOURMALINE – Protects us from negative energy   GREEN TOURMALINE – is said to foster prosperity, success, general healing, strength, purification, and communication   BLUE TOURMALINE- Also known as Indicolite or Indigolit. It is linked with Peace, Balance, Eloquence, and Emotional Purification.  

TURQUOISE - Long believed to symbolize the desert sky at midday – clear blue and limitless- turquoise shows us there are no limits to the sprit. Protection, Balance, Strength, Energy, Wisdom, Serenity, Healing.