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    Magickal Trees


The Alder Tree- associated with water. this tree bears protective qualities.  The water spirits, the undines love this tree as well as the unicorn. It is said that the doorways to Faeryland lie within the trunks.  The nature spirits which live inside the Alder are known as the Dark Faeries or Dryads.  They are very protective of the tree and are associated with the Raven.  It can be used for Air and Weather magicks by fastening a whistle from it's wood.  The Air Elementals it summons can be commanded and banished at will.  It can also summon and control the Four Winds.  It is the tree of bravery and confidence.  The flowers of the tree attract Faeries while aiding in communication with them.  It is the third tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Apple Tree- the custodian of wisdom and sign of the soul. Freya, the goddess of wisdom walks through heaven dispensing golden apples to the gods which will give them the gift of wisdom and understanding. To grow an apple tree in the garden is a happy omen. The druids believe that apple trees grow in the Celtic paradise. Apple wood will grant Faery Vision and is used to make the Silver Bough wand for entry into the sacred realm of the Fae.  The apple holds the key to beauty and youth.  It is the tenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Ash Tree- it is said to be an ancestor of humankind thereby making it a favorite wand of the Druids. Today in certain places people will leave tokens of human hair hanging from an ash tree in the hopes their wishes, hopes and desires will be granted.  Ash is one of the three sacred trees of the Faery Triad.   Ash creates a irresistible magickal will and a strong protective force.   It is has strong links to the Sun shown through its great powers for healing, justice, protection, prosperity and growth. It aids in enhancing one's skills in any craft and is well suited for any magick involving Sea or Water rituals, divination, prophecy & inspiration It is the fifth tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Aspen Tree - It is a tree of spiritual completion.  Magickal properties include courage, self knowledge, determination, eloquence and protection from theft.  It is the nineteenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Bay Tree- the tree of healing. It is associated with masculine principles, medicine, music, and the rays of the sun. The bay protects dwellings and gardens. Bay leaves crowned poet, heroes and important men. Grow a bay tree near your house for it protects your dwelling and wards off illness. When a baby is born it is lucky to celebrate by planting a bay tree for the baby's sake. Never plant a bay tree where vines grow.

The Silver Birch Tree- the Lady of the Woods, the most magickal tree in the Woodlands.  It is associated with Springtime, the maiden, waxing moon, represents the light of the stars and moon.  Magickally, Birch is used in spells for new beginnings, new ideas, ventures, growth, purification, opportunities and rebirth.  It is the first tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Blackthorne Tree - the Wishing Thorne.  It is a guardian of the Faeries.  It has long been a source of great magickal protection.  The thorns are used in Witch Bottles, inscribing candles as well as needles for sewing, stitching and binding.  A thorn can be worn as a talisman representing an alliance with the Faery World.  The Blackthorne should be honored on May Day and Samhain.  It is the fourteenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Bramble Tree- fairies love the bramble tree because it is wild and protects the penetration of secluded sacred fairie clearings.

The Broom Tree- the tree of astral travel and flight. It aids in healing and correction of mistakes.  It is the thirteenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Buckthorne Tree - sacred to the Elves and the Goddess in her Dark Aspect.  It bears the gift of wishes and aid in Elf magicks.  The tree attracts elves during the Full Moon and brings luck with success in spells.

The Cedar Tree - has an affinity for both Air and Fire making it a sacred wood for magical fires and incense. Burning the wood in a circle will help heighten psychic awareness. It has long been used in healing rituals and those of protection and purification. Cedar Needles are used in Witches Bottles for the purpose of wealth and material abundance.

The Cherry Tree - possesses pure energy of will and desire.  Any magickal intentions directed through this wood are amplified and then released into the outer world of manifestation.   Cherry wood is linked to the root chakra aiding in magick concerning sex, love, attraction and renewal.  It also possesses qualities of achievement and self-assertion and is useful for spells of finding.  The Cherry tree is the home of the Phoenix.  It's spirit is fiery and leads you to new awakenings just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

The Cypress Tree - known as Tree of Death. The Cypress Tree represents happiness in the next life for those who have passed over, easing the livings feelings of loss and emotional comfort. For these reasons they are commonly planted in cemeteries and graveyards alike as a symbol of mourning and passing.  Cypress has cleansing and purifying properties.

The Elder Tree- People used to think it was unlucky to bring any part of an elder tree into the house because it would bring a death in the family. It actually has a feminine soul. It is magickal, healing and fragrant. If planting an elder tree in the garden remember it likes to be protected and hidden. In fact all the fairy trees like to be planted at a distant from others. This tree is sacred to the Goddess in her Dark Aspect.  Elder brings wisdom, blessings of healing, protection, self knowledge.  The wood, flowers and berries are used in Crone magicks and Natural magick spells.  It teaches us the understanding of endings and of new beginnings.  The Elder signifies witchcraft, magick ad ghostly powers.  It is the fifteenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Elm Tree - known as the Elven tree, it will aid in communication with these Nature Spirits and make a wonderful offering.  It can be used in spells of wishes, inspiration, Elven magicks, magick of Earth and invocation of the Goddess, healing, fertility, gardening, rebirth, destiny, wisdom, metamorphosis, endurance, and divinatory dreams.

The Dogwood Tree - sacred to the Elves at Beltane, this tree bears magicks of flowering, evocation of one's Ancestors, renewal of cycles of fertility, consecration of ritual or hearth fires, giving of comfort or healing and spells of banishment and protection.

The Hawthorn- this is the most sacred tree to the Fairies.  It is one of the three trees in the Faery Triad.   Meditating beneath the Hawthorne tree on May Day Eve, Samhain Eve and Midsummer Eve you can commune with the fairies. Naturally fallen branches are honored in magickal fires and tools.  Make a ball of last years foliage tied with a white ribbon and burn it in a bonfire on new years day to rid yourself of troubles. Start fresh in the new year then by making yourself a ball of fresh thorn branches and leaves and keep it to be used in the next years bonfire. The thorns provide protection in Witch Bottles and are used for inscribing magickal candles.  The wood and flowers will amplify success for all spells including wishes, protection and entry into the Realm of Faery.   It is the sixth tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Hazel Tree- The tree of wishes and tree of the star goddess. It is associated with wisdom, knowledge, beauty, inspiration, creativity and divination.   The Hazel is called the Tree of Wishes because it has the power to grant the hearts desire.  It is the ninth tree in the Celtic Ogham.

The Holly Tree- symbol of the life force, vitality and immortality. It is considered a lucky tree to grow in the garden because it wards off negative energies. The shiny green leaves represent the vitality of life even in the coldest of times and is used in Yule for this reason. It is lucky to burn dried holly branches but not if their still green. The male holly tree the prickly one) and the female holly tree (the smooth variegated one) are inhabited by respectfully the holly man and the holly woman. It provides foresight, good fortune, protection and divinatory powers.  The eighth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Juniper Tree- considered a protective tree and unlucky to cut down a juniper tree. The tree has an abundance of healing properties.

The Lilac Tree- it is the fragrance of the lilac tree that is considered magickal. The fragrance is believed to carry humans into fairyland and the supernal world.  Lilac has magickal properties of Faery Vision, attraction,  expansion, imagination, erotic and creative powers, the ability to help communication of love through delight, union, attraction, sexual pleasure, illusion and divination.

The Maple Tree- known as the wood of the Autumnal Equinox, Mabon.   It represents death and rebirth.  Maple is sacred to the Horned Owl possessing its qualities of great magick and mystery. The owl is endowed with wisdom, sorcery, and serves as a guide to unlocking the mysteries of the unknown.  Like the owl, Maple can bear messages of the night and is suited for spells of sending and communication for Autumn is the beginning of longer nights and shorter days.  Maple wood represents the beauty and abundance of the fall and thus aids in magicks of this type.  

The Oak Tree- The tree of truth and wisdom. It is ancient and wise and has an old spirit. It is the most powerful and sacred tree for the Druids.  It is one of the three Faery trees in the Triad.  It offers inspiration, authority, endurance, abundance, strength, protection, courage and potency.  It is an amplifying wood.  Ideally, the magickal properties of anything mixed in or placed on Oak would increase in potency.  This is the reason all of our blends are mixed in an Oak wood mortar.  Oak used in spells will also amplify.  The mistletoe of the oak tree has many magickal properties. It is also a marriage tree. Symbolic of the marriage between the god and the goddess. If you dance around the oak tree and wear some of its leaves you will have a long and happy marriage. It is said that if there is a question in your heart that you cannot find the answer to then go to an oak tree and embrace it and ask the spirit of the oak tree to answer your question. If you should know then the oak man will send you a prophetic dream.  The trees are often homes for Nature Sprits, Elves and Faeries.  It is the seventh tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Pine Tree- the tree of the sun. Its old title was "the sweetest of woods". The scent of Pine is useful in the reduction of guilt. The pine was also sacred to the sea-god Neptune (Poseidon) and to Bacchus (Dionysus). It is used for purification, prosperity, protection, healing, strength, rejuvenation cleansing, fertility and moon spells.  It is the sixteenth tree of the Celtic Ogham. 

The Rowan Tree- The tree of vision, healing, psychic powers, also known as, Wicken-tree, Wild Ash, Witchbane, Witchen, Witch wood and Tree of Life. Sticks, twigs and branches of the rowan tree help in aid and protection. Rowan is associated with witchcraft and magick. Runes were carved with sticks from a rowan tree.  It is also a tree held dear by Druids and the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Rowan is also used during rites of the 2nd moon - the vision moon for rites of knowledge and divination. This is based on the Celtic calendar of the 13 moons and represents the Moon of astral travel and vision, healing and empowerment. Elves would gather under the protection of the Rowan tree.  The presence of this tree in your garden will provide Faery blessings and protection.  As the Birch tree is for new beginnings, the Rowan helps you face things about yourself while accepting and overcoming them.  It is the second tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Walnut Tree - Walnut possesses the power over all magickal acts of expansion and attraction including expansion of wealth, horizons, the mind, and feelings.   The possibilities are limitless!  In addition to the powers of expansion, Walnut also enhances the powers of breath, aids in weather magick, astral travel, and inspiration.  It brings the blessings of the Gods and is used for banishing and makes a nice divining tool.  It symbolizes abundance, prosperity and creativity.  Used in magickal inks, it has the powers of breaking, inspiration, wishing and prosperity. 

The Willow Tree- known as the Tree of Enchantment.  It is sacred to the Moon and the Goddess.  A favorite of the Faeries for wands, it enhances spells of enchantment, wishes, lunar magicks, glamour, bewitchment, creativity, change and love.  It is the perfect wood for "Drawing Down the Moon".  It is the fourth tree of the Celtic Ogham.

The Yew Tree - sacred to Hecate.  It is used for protection and finding inner power centers.  It enhances magickal and psychic abilities.  It is said to have the ability to raise the dead.  It is the twentieth tree of the Celtic Ogham.



Tree Fauns- male tree spirits. Are said to be kindly, wise and reserved. Open to sensitive women and may court their souls.

Tree Nymphs- female tree spirits. Are said to be more playful and adventurous with humans. May fall in love with a human man.