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    Herbal Magick

Herbal Properties
**Herbal uses and enchantments can be found at the bottom of this page.

Acorns:  sacred to The Druids, Diana, Pan, The Celts, Artemis and Zeus. Acorns are used to invoke the Protection of the Gods, for Luck, Potency, Strength, and a Long Life. Acorns are used for Male Fertility and Virility

Ague Weed:  a protection herb.  Also called "Boneset".

Agrimony:  acts as a deflective shield; sends back bad vibrations

Ales Hoof:  Ales Hoof is used for Luck and in Divination Magic

Angelica:  highly protective. It is ruled by Venus. It is affiliated with the Sun and Solar Magic. Angelica is useful in Magick dealing with the elements of both Air and Fire. Angelica is Masculine by nature.  It is sacred to Atlantis, Sophia, and Venus. Carrying Angelica with you is Powerful Protection from Evil, Spells cast against you, and Enchantments.

Angel Wings:  Wishes and Calling Upon the Powers and Aid of The Seven Arch Angels

Anise:  Raises vibrations to the highest possible psychic level.  Good for bringing about changes in attitude (re-focusing), for astral travel, dreams, crystal gazing and meditation.  In a pillow, it is said to keep away nightmares. For any type of clairvoyance or divination or mental exercises.  Anise is ruled by Jupiter and the element of Air. It Averts the Evil Eye, is used for Protection, guarding against Nightmares, and the seeds are burnt as an incense to call forth Magical Aid.

Apple/Apple blossoms:  for love.  Delicate, faintly seductive.  More of an Invitation than a Proposition.  Also used for peace and general contentment.  Used for success.  Add to the bath to aid relaxation.  Also used for fertility 

Ash Bark:  Very protective, cleansing and refocusing.  It is ruled by the Sun thus being affiliated with Solar workings. It's ruling element is Fire. Ash is sacred to Odin and The Goddess. The Ash Tree offers aid in Invincibility over those who might Threaten You. It offers Protection from Negative Faery Magic and their Glamour spells. The Ash is used in rituals dealing with the sea, ocean, or large bodies of water which flow into the ocean as it is sacred to Poseidon

Asafetida: one of the strongest protection herbs (also the stinkiest!) . Burned to drive away evil and destroy manifestations.  Used for exorcism and purification.

Alfalfa: for success in money matters.  Used for money drawing and to insure against poverty.  A traditional "luck" herb. Not powerful enough to be used alone, this herb "plays well with others" helping to reinforce other luck and money herbs while adding a bit of protective insurance.

Allspice: a catalyst.  Works on higher planes for good or evil.  Tends to affect the mind and thoughts of the person on whom it's used, for instance luck or success in the form of a brainstorm.  Frequently employed in luck, love and psychic areas; also good for money and general success. 

Althea: (marshmallow root) mild and gently commanding.  More of a "persuasion"  herb.  Burned in combination with other herbs, for example w/ roses and apple blossoms for a subtly forceful love incense.  Said to be a particular favorite of "nice" spirits.

Angelica:  protection.  Carry as an amulet.  Also used in exorcism.  Brewed into a tea and sprinkled in the corners of a house to keep evil away.  Highly protective, can be used at the beginning and closing of rituals for blessing and banishing.  Also called "Archangel".

Bergamot: brings luck through intuition.  

Bistort: for success in financial matters

Balm of Gilead:  Highly protective power herb, especially in love matters.  Energizing and grounding at the same time.  The plant is ruled by both Venus and Jupiter as well as the elements of Water and Fire. They are especially useful in magic affecting New Loves, Mending a broken Heart, Strength, Inspiration, Knowledge, Manifestation, Comfort to those who have lost loves, and Encourages Estranged Lovers to reconcile their differences.

Barberry  Brambles: used for hexing.  Brings bitterness, sourness.  Sprinkled around the premises to bring bad vibes and quarrels.  On the flip side, it is used with Vetivert and Bay leaves to protect against bitterness - but that's risky.  Said to work for good grudgingly and delights in hexing.  The berries are used for Prosperity Spells. The thorny brambles are placed in Witches Bottles to snare and snag any harmful magic, thus providing Protection.

Bayberry: very powerful for hexing when combined with other hexing herbs.  Casts a gloomy depression.  Conversely it is also used for money and prosperity - especially collecting money that is owed.  Often used as an Attraction oil for men.

Basil: for money and success.  Soak in water for 3 days, then sprinkle about a place of business. Also used for purification and protection and to remove obstacles in love and create harmony.  Dispels melancholy and attracts friends.  Its magical attributes include Protection and Exorcism from both Outer and Inner Forces and can help in the guarding of one's fate from ill meaning Spirits, especially Faeries.  It has long been used in Love Spells and to bring Harmony into a disturbed relationship. It's use in Psychic Development and Clairvoyance is also well known

Bay:  powerfully protective - even when used alone.  Also a power and commanding herb. Used for banishing. In some traditions, used for hexing.  Combined with other herbs for love and money rituals.  Burned to induce visions.  The leaves are put under a pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams.  It is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter and the element of Fire. They are sacred to Apollo and Ceres. They are used for Protection, Purification, Healing, Wisdom and Clairvoyance.

Benzoin: added to other herbs to focus their energies and lend power.  Used for communication and improving the thought processes.  Combine with cinnamon for business success.  Also used for purification. Can be added to an incense to heighten its effectiveness.  Never add to hexing herbs!  Benzoin is ruled by the Sun and Mars. It's elemental correspondents being Air and Fire. It is sacred to Aphrodite, Aries, Freya and Venus.  Benzoin is used for Purification, Prosperity, and Consecration. It is a common component of Incense making.

Bergamot: protection and prosperity.  Brings luck through intuition. Used with other herbs to bring psychic and prophetic dreams.  It is ruled by Jupiter and it's elemental correspondence is the Earth. It is used in order to Draw Money to you, Said to Repel Illness, Enhance Love, Healing, and Success.

Betony:  for banishing and removing negative energy.

Bindweed: for binding another.  It smothers the intentions of others.  Used in both hexing and protection.

Birch Bark:  In addition to renewal, new beginnings and ideas, use the Bark for Protection, Purification, and a Peaceful Sleep. Birch Bark is used to write Magical Incantations on. The Bark can also be used in paper making to enhance it's magical qualities.

Bistort:  used for fertility (often carried to help conceive a child) Also used for money drawing when combined with Juniper and Allspice.  Also good for divination.

Black Walnut Hull:  It is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. It is sacred to Persephone, Hecate, Diana, Jupiter and Artemis.  Black Walnuts hulls are good for Prosperity and Creativity. They may be cooked down in to a liquid for a preparing magical ink to be used for Breaking, Inspiration, and Prosperity Spells. They are also good for Wishing Spells.

Blessed Thistle:  Blessed Thistle is ruled by the Moon and Mars. It's elemental alliance being Earth and Fire. It is sacred to the Great Mother and Pan. It is used for Purification, Motherhood, Hex Breaking, Poppet Magic, and Strength.

Blueberry:  Protective and associated w/ treachery and deception.  It does not return the treachery  - just keeps it from reaching you.

Borage: lends courage, uncovers dishonesty and helps conquer a situation

Broom Tops: purification, protection, to raise and calm winds. Throw into the air to raise the wind; burn the herb to calm them.  Also boiled in salt water and used to keep poltergeists and evil spirits away. 

Calamus Root:  Calamus increases Sensitivity, Enhances Awareness, Harmony and Desire.  a controlling herb, powerful enough to be used alone or in combination with other herbs.  Use to control a person or situation.

Calendula Petals: (Marigold)  It is ruled by the Sun, thus the name Bride of the Sun and is allied with the Fire Elementals. Calendula can be used in Faery Magic. It will lend you the ability to improve your Psychic Awareness and if placed beneath your pillow can lead to Prophetic Dreams. Calendula is also useful in Legal Matters and those of Protection.  Induces dreams.  Used for legal difficulties and for money.  Has a mild, gentle action.  Add to the bath to win admiration and respect from others.

Cherry blossoms: bring honesty

Chamomile:  excellent for luck, prosperity, money and gambling.  (Wash your hands with the tea before playing cards.)  Calms the nerves and gives energy in adversity.  Often used in Uncrossing formulas.

Caraway Seeds:  protective, particularly in the area of health.  In love - is said to attract a lover (in the physical sense) and cure fickleness.  Also used to strengthen the memory.

Carnation:  protection and spicy energy. Add to a Power incense or toss into a formula where you want to "spice" things up a bit.   

Camphor:  to totally cleanse and banish.  Used to ward off unwanted advances from others, in healing and to stimulate psychic senses.  Camphor Awakens Past Life Memories, Stimulates Psychic Awareness, Health and Divination.

Cardamom: a love herb, used for Romance.  Has some commanding and compelling properties in the area of love.  Also acts as a catalyst to other herbs. Cardamom promotes Lust, Love, Clarity and Joy. It Stimulates the heart and mind.

Carnation Flowers:  The Carnation is Masculine and stands for Courage. The Sun is it's ruler. Fire is it's element correspondence. Carnations are sacred to Jupiter. Carnation will lend itself well in Love and Protection Spells, Strength, healing of the Heart and Vitality. They are also used for Self Esteem problems.

Cat Nip:  It is ruled by Venus and it's elemental ruler is that of Water. It is sacred to the two cat Goddesses of Egypt, Bast and Sekhmet.  It is used for Cat Magic, Health, Beauty, Happiness, Attracts Good Spirits, Celebration, Love, and Luck.

Cedar Needles:  As the Sun is it's ruler and Mercury is it's planetary master. The Cedar has an affinity for both Air and Fire making it a sacred wood for magical fires and incense. It is held sacred by Ra, Isis, Jupiter, Odin, Osiris, Pan and Poseidon.  Cedar Needles are used in Witches Bottles for the purpose of Wealth and Material Abundance as well.  psychic and protective.  Has a way of keeping psychic channels open while protecting the operator. 

Chamomile Flowers:  It is ruled by the Sun and Mercury. Chamomile is Masculine by nature. It's elemental ruler is Water. It is sacred to Mercury, Ra and the Sun Gods. Chamomile is used in Faery Magic. Use Chamomile in Dream Work, Prosperity Spells, Magical Purification of objects, Luck, Meditation, and Love.

Chaste Tree Berries:  Used in Moon Magicks, Rituals and Drawing Down the Moon

Cherry Blossoms: cheerfulness, light heartedness and good humor. Associated with honesty.  Good for concentration in study.

Chestnut Hulls:  They are ruled by Jupiter and the element of Fire. Chestnut Hulls are used for Love, Protection, Used in Witches Bottles, Healing, Lunar Magic and Prosperity.

Chicory Root:  It is Masculine by nature and ruled by the Sun and the element of Air. Chicory is said to grant the ability of Invisibility and Remove Obstacles.

Cinnamon:  a catalyst that doesn't mind baneful recipes.  Used in money drawing, for concentration and spells for love and passion .  Sometimes used in healing or clairvoyance.  It is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire.  It is sacred to Aphrodite, Helios, Mercury, Hermes, Ra and Venus. Cinnamon is used for Love, Lust, Psychic and Spiritual Awareness, Healing, Wisdom, Prosperity, Success and Raises Vibration Levels of the user and their atmosphere.

Cinquefoil: (Five Finger Grass)  Old standby for money spells.  In fact, most money incenses don't seem to work as well without it.  Combined w/ soot, it has been used for hexing.  It has also been used for protecting.  Often used as a bath herb toward this purpose. Works better for protecting against negative influences than removing them.  Cinquefoil is ruled by both Mercury and Jupiter. It's element is that of Fire. It is especially sacred to Jupiter and The Great Mother Goddess. Removal of Hexes, Safe Travel, Healing, and the Warding off Negative Forces. It lends itself well for Wealth and Money Magic as well as enabling Prophetic Sleep. For this reason it is used to Protect One's Self in dream time when working with Otherworldly entities.

Clove Buds: a strong, forceful, compelling herb.  Commanding. Acts as a catalyst when combined with other herbs. Used when force or power is required.  Cloves are ruled by Jupiter and the Sun. Their elemental correspondence being of Fire. Magically cloves are used for Love, Protection, Exorcism, Prosperity, Repelling Negative Influences and Mental Clarity.

Clover Tops and Leaves:  The Clover is Masculine, ruled by Mercury and aligned with the Air element. Clover is sacred to Artemis, Rowan, Diana and The Triple Goddess. Under the favor of the Triple Goddess it is especially good for Protection, Exorcism, and the Breaking of Faery Spells and Human Hexes, Psychic Sight and Powers.

Coriander: used for love, yet Very protective in these matters.  Good for people who want a somebody, but aren't sure who.  Added to Perfect Mate recipes.  Works for slow, steadily developing relationships.

Costmary:  Used in Goddess Rituals, Placed in books to repel Silver Fish, Calms the Mind and Emotions, Peace, Purification and Psychic Awareness.

Cowslips:  They are Feminine by nature, ruled by Venus and the element of Water. They are sacred to Freya.  In Norse mythology the flower was dedicated to Freya. They have a great affinity with the Faery. Cowslips are used in Faery Magic as they are considered quite helpful in finding Faery treasures.  Their odor is said to be healing. They are associated with the Beltane Sabbat, for they are burnt on May Day to drive away Mischievous Faeries.

Cumin:  attracts peace & tranquility when sprinkled across doorways each Sunday before noon.  Used also to control infidelity and in this way has a gently binding effect.  It is used in magick for Fidelity, Protection and Exorcism.

Damiana:  Damiana is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. It is sacred to Pan and Oshun.  It is used for Love, Lust and Visions.

Dandelion:  They are ruled by Jupiter and the Sun and are Masculine. Their elemental correspondence being of both Fire and Air. The Dandelion is scared to Hecate. Dandelions are used for Divination, Wishes, and Calling Spirits.  A cup of hot Dandelion Root tea set by your bed will call spirits to you.

Deerstongue:  one of the most widely used psychic herbs, it is fragrant, efficient and white magical in effect.  Screens bad vibes.  Often used by homosexuals to attract others (combined with musk, civet, ambergris and Echinacea)

Dill :  for love and protection.  Often used to calm children.  It's rule falls under Mercury, it's ruling element is Fire. Dill is sacred to Bridget, Thoth, and Mercury.  It is used to protect children. It is also used in Love and Lust Spells and those to bring one Prosperity.

Dogbane:  swings both ways - it can be used to remove deception or to create it, depending on which herbs you combine it with.

Dragon's Blood:  Power, Dragon Magicks and protection.  It is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. Powerful Amplifier and gives any magical working Extra Potency. It is used for Potency, Love, Protection, and Exorcism. The resin is also used in making magical inks.

Elder Flowers:  a commanding herb which influences others subtly.  Also highly protective.  The Elder is ruled by the Moon and Venus conjunctively and the element of Water. Elder is sacred to The Triple Goddess, The White Goddess, Beloved of The Elves, The Crone and The Goddess in Her Dark Aspect, as well as Venus. It is used by Druids to bless and curse as well.  Lady Elder brings Wisdom, Joy and Delight to all who honor Her.  She may bestow the blessings of Healing, Protection and Self Knowledge.

Elecampane:  for love charms of all kinds.  It is ruled by Mercury.  Elecampane elements are Fire and Air. It is used in Love Spells.  It may be burnt on charcoal for extra power in Divination and Spiritual Quests. It may be carried in a charm pouch for bodily or Physical Protection and to Attract well meaning Faeries.

Elm Leaves:  The Elm is Feminine by nature. It is ruled by Saturn and the element of Water. The Elm Tree is sacred to Odin and The Elves.  Attracts Love when carried and gives Lightening Protection.  It is said to stop slander and gossip 

Eucalyptus:  highly protective in areas of health.  Also used for purification.  It is ruled by Mars and the Moon. It's elemental correspondence being Water. Eucalyptus is used magically for Protection, Success, Dominion and Healing.

Eyebright: used for clairvoyance and to see fairies.

Faery Apples:  For use in Faery Spells and to be left as a sweet treat for the Faery at special festival times.

Fennel:  a controlling herb and also a "twisting" herb.  Better for removing hexes than protecting against them.  It's action is unpredictable.  Use this when you want to effect a change in a situation.  It is Masculine by nature, ruled by Mercury, and the element of Fire. Fennel is sacred to the Anglo Saxons, Prometheus, and Dionysus. It Wards Away Evil Spirits, Offers Strength, and Courage to the user.

Fenugreek:  a seed of the sun, used for all manner of luck and success spells.  It is sacred to Apollo and The Triple Goddess. Used for Prosperity, to Increase Purpose, Desire, as an Aphrodisiac, and to Promote Youth, and Beauty.

Frankincense:  associated with the male principle as Myrrh is associated with the female principle.  A mixture of both in an incense creates a balance.  It is a good "white" magical base to receive other herbs or oils.  Often used for protection or in money drawing recipes.  Long used as a divinatory offering, in consecration and to raise the spiritual  vibrations of a place. It aids in meditation and is used to obtain blessings and general prosperity.  Frankincense is ruled by the Sun with it's elemental correspondence being Fire. It is sacred to Adonis, Apollo and Ra. Among it's ancient gifts are those of Spirituality and Exorcism. It drives away negative influences and hostile Faeries.

Frangipani:  an attraction or "drawing" herb.  Use to bring things to you.  Also used to command trust and gain the confidence of others.

Fumitory:  It is Feminine by nature. It is ruled by Saturn and the element of Earth. The smoke of Fumitory expels evil spirits while protecting the spirit of the dead on their journey to the Underworld. Fumitory Draws money to the home.

Grains of Paradise:  carry strong luck connotations.

Galangal:  highly versatile and only slightly less powerful that High John or Jalap.  Known as Low John, it action never proceeds in a straight line, but takes on unexpected twists and turns.  It accomplishes its functions through devious means.  Creates a powerful force for affecting change and is often used in legal difficulties.

Ginger: basically a fiery catalyst but also used to induce passion.  A good catalyst to add to formulas for romantic love.  Ginger is ruled by Mars. It's elemental correspondence being that of Fire. It is sacred to Mars. It is used for Love, Magical Success, Prosperity, Inspiration, Dragon Attraction and Passion.

Geranium:  used to lift the spirits and banish negativity.  Protection, love, healing and fertility are all in the domain of this herb. 

Hawthorne Berries:  It is ruled by Mars and the Moon. The element which rules it is that of Fire. It is sacred to The Faeries, Flora, The White Goddess, and the Celtic.  The berries are called Pixie Pears and Cuckoo's Beads. They are used in Faery Magic, for Wishing, the Maiden Aspect of the Goddess, Purity, and Success in Working matters.  used for protection, purification and banishing.  Some identified it as "the tree of hope" and to the Romans it symbolized marriage.

Hawthorne Thornes:  The thorns may be added to Witches bottles for added protection and warding off all evil. In candle magic rituals these thorns are used to inscribe candles with magical symbols or writing before they are dressed with oils. They may also be used to bind a magical pouch or charm bag to the purpose for which it was created furthering it's energy to that end alone. The Hawthorn will lend success in all working matters.

Hazel Nuts:  The Hazel is a sacred tree of the Celtic groves. It represents Peace and Lovers, Wisdom, Inspiration, Divination, Magick and Star Magicks. The nuts are also used for fertility concerning females.  Two twigs tied together with red or gold thread to form a solar cross were used for a good luck charm.  Draw a circle around you with hazel if in need of protection.  Used for fertility and wisdom and in divining rods for finding lost objects.

Heather:  protects and attract Faeries

Heliotrope:  another sun herb.  Carries a vibration of luck.  Attracts wealth and protects against physical harm.  Used in healing, clairvoyance and finding lost objects.

Hemlock:  one of the foremost hexing agents. Added to any oil or incense to change its meaning (for example to Luck oil to deny good luck)

Herb Robert:  It is ruled by Venus. It is sacred to The Faeries, particularly Robin Good Fellow and The Goddess.  The use of this plant in Faery spells. It is said to repel snakes.

Hibiscus Petals:  It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. It is sacred to Venus.  Used for Love, Lust, Divination, Removal of Obstacles, Realization of Goals and Making Mantras Fruitful, Enhances Attention in Meditation, and is Excellent for Astral Contact and Travel.

Hollyhock Flowers:  Hollyhocks are ruled by the Sun, Venus, and the element of Water. Holly Hocks are scared to the Goddess Althea. They are often used to make Faery Potions to gain sight of the Faeries. Use the dried blossoms as incense at Lammas/ Lughnasadh.

Holly Leaves:  Ruled by Mars ad the element of Fire. Sacred to Druids. Supreme Protection from Lightening, Poison, Evil Spirits, and Mischievous Magic Workers, Dream Work, Protection, Divination and Wishing at Yule, Protection against Evil Spirits, Poison, Angry Elementals, Thunder and Lightning, Magickal Athame Consecration.

Honey:  binds and attracts, seduces.  Attracts Faery and is used as an offering for them.

Honeysuckle:  attracts friends, business and instills confidence.  Used for money, prosperity and clairvoyance.  Traditionally symbolizes the "bonds of love" and is excellent when working on a problem of infidelity.  A potent and sneaky commanding oil - the iron fist in the velvet glove.  It is ruled by the element of Earth and also by Jupiter. It is Masculine by nature. The blossoms are often used to make Faery potions. Amongst it's blessing are those of Fidelity, Clairvoyance and Affection.

Hyacinth: used to transmit on psychic planes a feeling of joy and playfulness.  Frequently used as a follow-up to uncrossing rituals to replace negative vibes with positive ones.  Attracts love, luck and brings peace of mind and restful sleep.

Hyssop:  anointing, blessing, consecrating, protecting and purifying. It is ruled by Jupiter and the element of Fire. Hyssop is used for Protection, Healing, Banishing, and Purification. Mixed with Nettles and /or Wood Betony it is a wonderful House Cleansing smoke or can be hung in a pouch over the front door to reinforce your other House Cleansing Rituals.

Irish moss:  a success herb w/ long term benefits.  Slower in action but good for secure and steady growth of prosperity. 

Jasmine:  essentially a seduction herb.  More sexual than romantic.  Symbolizes the mysteries of the night.  Sometimes used for meditation, to relax, for dreams or even to aid in childbirth.  In love recipes it is used lightly in combination with other ingredients unless you just want a sexual affair.  Jasmine is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. Jasmine is used in Love Potions, Prosperity, Divination and Psychic Visionary Dreams.

Juniper berries:  a power herb which happens to work quite well in areas of luck, good fortune and success.  Legendarily associated with Jupiter, it is often used for male virility.  Juniper Berries are an Aphrodisiac, they are used for inspiring Trust, Love and Protection in your magickal works.

Lady's Mantel:  It is sacred to Venus and Mary. Lady's Mantle is ruled by Venus. Lady's Mantle has long been used in Love Potions and Faery magic.

Lavender:  cleanses, protects and shields from bad vibrations and negativity.  Used for uncrossing and love, it's particularly effective in helping with marital problems or relationships.  Soothes problems between parents and children and is an excellent protecting herb for babies and children.  Lavender is ruled by Mercury, it's elemental allegiance is to Air. It is sacred to The Elves, Hecate, Saturn, Goddesses affiliated with the snake, and Aradia.  Lavender is used for Love Spells. To use lavender in a spell will render the spell. Lavender can be strewn around your Home to bring about a Peaceful Atmosphere. to gain Happiness, to Ease Depression and Sorrow, Clairvoyance, Dream work, raise your Energy Vibration Level.

Lemon or Lemon blossoms:  fiery, zesty and active.  Often employed as a catalyst in luck recipes since it sets off other herbs.  Also used for "drawing" or "attracting" something to you. Often used in love formulas both for attracting and repelling.  The Lemon is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. It is used for Moon Magic, Love, Friendship, Purification, and a Long Life.

Licorice:  a commanding herb.  Used by the Egyptians as an aphrodisiac.

Lemon Verbena:  a traditional luck herb, it has the ability to convert bad luck to good.  It is positive, protective and cleansing.  A strengthening herb added to others to give extra power.  Also used as an "attraction" herb.

Lemon Grass:  used to aid psychic powers. A two-sided herb: on the one hand calming, good for deepening meditation or trance. Excellent to add to a general "Power" formula for general ritual work.  On the other hand it has been used by some as a hexing herb primarily aimed at making someone's life complicated and full of problems.  Go figure!

Lilac:  good for inducing "far memory" and recalling past lives.  Also good for clairvoyance in general.  Brings peace & harmony.  Excellent for uncrossing.  Tends to promote the positive aspects in the herbs it's combined with.

Lobelia:  Like most of the poisons, this expresses "hate" while other hexing herbs express "anger, contempt or dislike".  Results with herbs like this one are always nasty, but never predictable.

Lotus:  a common additive to psychic incenses.  Said to reach the highest realms of mystical insight.  Associated with Egyptian magic.  The Lotus is Feminine and is ruled by the Moon. It's element is Water. It is sacred to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, especially Isis. It is the symbol of female purity. Among the gifts of the Lotus are those of Prosperity and Spiritual Abundance. It aligns itself with the Root and Heart Chakra.

Lily of the Valley:  used for calming and blessing.

Lime:  To keep a lover faithful.  Used by men for attracting women.  Has some "drawing" or "attracting" abilities in other areas. Conversely, has also been used to "sour" a relationship.

Lovage:  an "Attracting" herb.  Used to draw customers to a place of business or to attract others in general.  The root acts as a catalyst to other herbs while exerting a stabilizing influence at the same time.  An excellent love herb. The leaf is highly cleansing. 

Lunaria:  Lunaria Pods are also called Honesty and Money Plant. They are ruled by the Moon and the element of the Earth.  Lunaria pods are used in Moon Magic, Money Spells and to Repel Monsters.

Maidenhair Fern:  Maidenhair Fern is Feminine by nature. It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. It is sacred to Venus extending Beauty, Grace and Love to it's user. Immerse the fern in water then keep it at your bedside or on your person and you will find these attributes.

Mandrake Root:  Mandrake is ruled by Mercury and Saturn. It's elemental correspondence being Fire. It is sacred to Aphrodite, Circe, Hecate, and Venus in Her Sexual Aspect. Mandrake is used for Prosperity, Happiness, Love, Exorcism, Travel, and Protection.

Marjoram: protective - especially in matters of love.  Often used in love and friendship charms or for protecting the house.  It is ruled by Mercury and the element of Air. Marjoram is sacred to Aphrodite and Venus. It is used for Love and Happiness.

Meadowsweet:  Meadowsweet is Masculine by nature. It is ruled by Jupiter and the element of Air. It is sacred to the Druids and Aine the Queen of the Faeries.  It is used in Love spells, Divination, Strewn about the home to keep Peace and Happiness for it Cheers the Heart.

Mimosa:  a commanding herb which also inspires courtesy in others.  Use to anoint purple candles. Used to bring prophetic dreams and in healing.

Mint:  a common additive to love incense - though I don't know why since it tends to clear the head, not fog it.  Spirits love the scent of mint and a dish set out will tend to attract them.  Used in prosperity and money formulas.  Also excellent for psychic matters and studying.

Mistletoe:  Although used in many love recipes, it is really a commanding/compelling herb.  Used since ancient times for protection.  It's planetary ruler is the Sun and it's elemental correspondent that of Air. It is Masculine by nature.  It's sacred to the Druids, Venus, Freya, Baldur, Oak King, Odin and Apollo. It is used in magic spells for Protection, Fertility, Love, Health, and Exorcism.

Motherwort:  a protecting herb which works almost Too Well - indeed, rather like a mother who will often protect you even against things you don't want protecting from.

Mugwort:  clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations, dreams and for consecrating any items used in this manner.   It is aligned with the planet Venus. It is ruled by the Moon and the Earth. Mugwort is sacred to Artemis, Diana and Isis. It is used in Scrying, Psychic Divination, Astral Projection, Dreams, Clairvoyance, and to Purify Magical Tools before use.

Mullien:  lends courage in difficult situations.  Tends toward the ""somber side"  often substituted for graveyard dust - often used when a matter needs to be "laid to rest" .   Mullein is ruled by Saturn and the elements of Fire. It is sacred to Jupiter. Mullein is used as protection from Sorcery.

Musk:  (real musk is illegal and unethical to use. A good synthetic may be used instead)  commanding and compelling, particularly in sexual areas.  Help for self confidence, assurance and strength.  

Myrrh Nuggets:  Myrrh is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. The resin is sacred to Demeter, Hecate, Juno, Saturn, Isis and Mary.  Myrrh Nuggets are usually burnt in censors to Aid in Spirituality by Raising the Vibrations of one's energy, for Purification, Transformation, and Consecration of Sacred Space and Ritual Tools.

Myrtle:  love, fertility, protection and healing.

Nettle:  They are ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. They are sacred to Ra and Helios. Nettles are used for Exorcism, mixed with Hyssop for House Cleansing, Protection against Demons, and Evil Spells, Hex Breaking and Hex Removing.

Nutmeg:  It is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. It's elemental alliance being that of Fire. Nutmeg is used for Prosperity, to induce Psychic Visions, Scrying, Fidelity, Clairvoyance, Creams, and Wish Making.

Oak Gall:  Oak Gals are growths on the branches of Oak Trees caused by insects boring underneath the bark. They are used to make Magical Ink.

Oak Leaves:  It is ruled by the Sun, while it's elemental ruler is Fire.  In Roman myths the Oak Tree is sacred to Jupiter.  The Greeks believed it sacred to Zeus, father of the Gods.  In Norse Mythology it was sacred to Thronged of Thunder and Lightening, as it was to Donar.  Magickal properties include strength, prosperity, abundance, creativity, wisdom, knowledge and amplification.

Oak moss:  a power herb which belongs to Jupiter.  Oak Moss is ruled by the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. It's elemental correspondences are Water, Fire, and Earth. It is sacred to Jupiter, Woodland Gods, Thor, Jehovah, Mars, Morrigan and The Triple Goddess.  Oak Moss is used in Faery Magick for Protection, Stuffing poppets, Luck, Potency, and in Money Drawing spells.

Orange or Orange Blossoms:  attracting, drawing, used to bring things to you or into your life.  Works better than lemon or lime in this sense, The blossoms especially are used in attracting love.  They are ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. Oranges are used for Love, Divination, Warmth, Harmony, Joy, Prosperity, and Beauty.

Orchids Wild:  They are ruled by Venus and the element of Water. The Orchid is Androgynous in sexual nature there fore they are used to balance the Male and Female energies. They are used in Love or Desire Spells. They aid in Psychic Powers.

Orris Root:  a focusing herb, used to focus the power of other herbs it is combined with.  Also used as a "love herb".  It is ruled by Venus with it's elemental correspondence being Water. It is sacred to Iris, Osiris, Isis, Aphrodite, Juno and The Triple Goddess. The Orris Root Powder is used for Love Spells and Attraction between two people.

Pansy:  The Pansy is ruled by Saturn and the element of Water and is Feminine in nature. It is sacred to the Triple Goddess. The Pansy will Draw Love when carried. It is used for Love and Divination Magic, has the power to Mend a Broken Heart.

Patchouli:  an herb of power and manifestation, for materializing one's wishes.  Its job is to make things happen, to bring results "down to earth" quickly and powerfully.  Used for lust or sensuality rather than love.  It has no conscience of it's own so combine carefully with other herbs.  Often added to money formulas.  It is ruled by Saturn and Venus. It's elemental correspondence is the Earth. Patchouli is sacred to Gaia, Saturn, and Pan. It is used for Lust, Fertility, Prosperity, and Divination. Patchouli and Mullein are commonly substituted for Graveyard Dust in Spells where the real thing is not obtainable.

Pennyroyal:  Cleanses and protects.  Brings harmony and is helpful in times of domestic unrest.  It is ruled by both Venus and Mars. It's elemental correspondences are Earth and Fire. It is sacred to Demeter. Pennyroyal is used for Protection, Banishment, Ridding the Home of Negative Thoughts, Strength, and Peace.

Peony:  The Peony is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. It is Masculine in nature. Peony Flowers keep away evil spirits.

Peppermint: use to create change and get things moving.  It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. It is sacred to Mercury. Peppermint is used for Clarity and Purification. Add to poppet stuffing for Love and Healing Magic. Add it to incense for Cleansing Space before Ritual or in the Home, Money spells, Prosperity, and Gives Power to thoughts.

Periwinkle:  Known as the Sorcerer's Herb.  It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. Periwinkle is used for Love, Lust, Protection, Money, and Powers of Magical Thought.

Pine Needles:  excellent for cleansing and uncrossing, protecting or refocusing.  Energizing and grounding at the same time.  It is ruled by Mars and the element of Air. It is sacred to Bacchus, Artemis, Diana, Neptune and Venus. Used in Rituals of Feminine Fertility, Childbirth, and Moon Magick. The magickal attributes of the Pine Tree as those of Prosperity, Cleansing, Fertility, Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Strength, and Rejuvenation.

Pomegranate:  It is sacred to Adonis, Persephone and Ceres. Pomegranates are use for Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, and Fertility.

Poppy Seeds: for dreams, visions clairvoyance and dark moon activities.  Also used for fertility and prosperity.  It is ruled by the Moon. It's element being Water. The Poppy is sacred to Venus. The Poppy is used in Love, Lust, Desire, and Faery Magick.

Primrose:  Primrose is ruled by Venus and the elements of Air and Earth. They are sacred to the Druids, The Goddess, Freya, and The Muse.  The Primrose makes that which is invisible able to be seen. Scattering it on the ground in front of the doorway creates a barrier they are unable to cross over.

Queen of the Meadow: helps create new opportunities. This is not the same plant as Meadowsweet. Queen of the Meadow is used in magic for Love and Respect.

Rose:   love.  What you mix with it determines the kind of love.  The Rose is ruled by Venus and it's elemental correspondence is Water. It is sacred to Aurora, Adonis, Aphrodite, Venus, Cupid, Demeter, Eros, Isis, and Hathor. Roses are used for Love, Psychic Dreams, Faery Magic, Beauty, Divination, Psychic Powers, Healing, Promotes Devotion, Desire, and Marriage.

Rose Geranium:  powerful protection and subtly commanding.  Reverses misfortune and can be used with other herbs to bless a new home.

Rose Hips:  Rose Hips are ruled by Venus. They are sacred to Aphrodite and Venus. Rose Hips are used in Love and Faery Magic

Rosemary: binds things (or people) together in a loving, gentle manner. Used in pillows for dreams and visions.  Also used for purification and protection, mental alertness and stronger memory.  Often used in sea rituals.  It is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. Rosemary is Masculine by nature. It is sacred to the Elves, and Sea Spirits. Rosemary Leaves are used for Cleansing, Purification, Clear Thinking, Good Memory, Love, Lust, Sleep, Exorcism, Friendship, Fidelity, and Youth.

Rowan:  It is ruled by the Earth and Sun. It's element is Fire.  The Rowan Tree is sacred to Aphrodite, Capricorn, Brigid, The White Goddess, Druidic Deities, Thor, Donar, Vulcan, The Dark Goddess and The Crone Aspect of Mother Earth. Rowan is a tree of Protection, it Halts Haunting, and is known for it's Healing properties. It will provide Personal Protection from Psychic Assault of Others Against You. It will, as well, protect one from being carried across to the Faery Realm against their free will.

Rue:  highly protective.  Guards against negative energies and gets things moving in a positive direction. Often used in consecration rituals.  It is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. It is sacred to Aradia, Pan, Diana, Hecate, and The Goddess. Rue is used for Seeing Mistakes, Banishment, Correction Bad Habits, Curse Breaking, Reversing Magic sent at you, Protection Against the Evil Eye, Luck, and Freedom.

Sage:  It is ruled by the planets of Jupiter and Saturn. It's elemental correspondences are those of both Air and Earth. Sage is Masculine by nature. Used for Wisdom, Cleansing, Animal Familiars, Longevity, Prosperity, and in Faery Magic to attract and communicate with the Faeries. In many magical traditions Sage is the choice plant for Smudging and cleansing the aura before spiritual workings.

Sandalwood:    used to heighten spiritual vibrations, to cleanse, heal and protect.  Often used to stimulate clairvoyance. It is ruled by the Moon and the Sun as well as the element of Water. It is sacred to the Goddess Venus. It's attributes include Spirituality, Healing, Higher States of Consciousness, Cleansing, Awakening Intelligence, Opening the Third Eye, Promotes Meditation, and Transmutes Sexual Energy.  When mixed with Lavender and burnt during a Waning Moon, it aids in the calling of Spirits.

Sassafras: Commanding and twisting.  Used to free you of another's power over you or in legal battles for a favorable outcome.

Sea Salt:  Purification, Cleansing, Washing or Grounding Crystals and Magical Tools, Creating Sacred Space, Breaking Curses.

Slippery Elm:  a highly focused protection herb, especially effective at controlling gossip or slander.

Solomon's Seal:  an uncrossing herb associated with luck and wisdom. Brings hunches, intuition and dreams.  Solomon's Seal Root is ruled by Saturn and the element of Water. It is used for Protection, Exorcism, Wisdom, Spirituality, Home Protection, and Clears the Aura. It is said to bear a Hexagram Marking on it's bark thus Warding off Evil, and is burnt as an Offering to the Elements for Magical Aid.

Star Anise:  It is ruled by Jupiter, the Moon, and the element of Air. They are sacred to Apollo, Hermes, Mercury, and Ra.  They are used for Consecration, Banishing Negative Energy, Luck, and Psychic Powers.

St. John's Wort:  St. John's Wort is sacred to Baldur and The Goddess. It is ruled by the Sun and the element Fire. It is considered the most potent of herbs, when burnt, for driving away demons and evil spells.

Strawberry:  used (sparingly) to draw fortunate circumstances into one's life.

Sweet Annie:  Sweet Annie is also known as Sweet Wormwood and Fragrant Fern. It is in the same family as Wormwood. Sweet Annie is ruled by Mercury. It is used in Smudging to Drive away Negative Spirits and Thoughts, to Keep negative energies at bay, and for Astral projection. It is Associated with Midsummer Night. Burn Sweet Annie on your Mid Summer Night's Fire to bring Positive Vibrations into the year to come.

Sweet pea:  an attraction herb used to draw friends or lovers, loyalty and affection.  The Strawberry is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. It is sacred to Venus and Freya. Strawberries are used in love and lust spells.

Sweet Woodruff:  Sweet Woodruff is named Master of the Woods, May Grass, Wood Rove, and Herb Walter. It is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. It is sacred to the Druids. It offers the gifts of Humility, Victory, Protection, Prosperity, Consecration, Release, Renewal and Faery Blessings.

Tansy:  It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water. Tansy is useful for Longevity and Health magic. Tansy assists the deceased in travel into the After Life thus is used for Death and Dying Rituals.

Thistles:  They are sacred to Thor and Minerva. The Thistle is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. Thistle is Masculine by nature.  The Thistle Down, or soft silk like threads inside the flower, offers the gifts of Invisibility from Enemies, Strengthens Spirits, Renews Vitality, for Strength, Protection, Hex Breaking, Healing, and Purification.  Thistle Thornes are used in Witch Bottles for protection.

Thorne Tree Thorns:  The Thorne is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. The Thorne tree is used for Magical Protection. The Thorne Tree is sacred to the Flora and the Goddess Flora, the companion and Guardian of the Faeries. Thornes are used in Witches Bottles and Candle Scribing, and as needles for Magical Sewing.

Thyme:  a favorite with the spirits, it encourages positive vibrations and actions.  Used for protection (especially from the negative energy of others), for courage and for cleansing.  Thyme is ruled by Venus and Water. Thyme is Feminine by nature. It also offers Courage, Purification, Giddiness, in Faery Magic, and keeps away Nightmares.

Tonka bean:  combination of commanding and catalyst, often used for love or prosperity.  Just plain lucky! Protects against poverty.  They are ruled by Venus and the element of Water. Tonka Beans are used magically for Luck, Prosperity, Courage, and Wishes.

Tumeric:  Tumeric is sacred to the Divine Mother. It brings Prosperity, and gives Energy to Divine Mother. 

Valerian Root:  It is ruled by Venus, Pluto, and Mercury. It's elemental correspondence are those of Water and Earth. Valerian is used for Love, Mending Disturbed Relationships, Sleep, Protection Baths, Dream Magic, Love, Wishes, Protection from Evil, and Libidinous Faeries.

Vanilla:  a compelling herb, used in areas of love and money especially. In love, it acts on a more physical level - lowering the guard, lulling the senses and subtly seducing.

Vervain:  It is ruled by Venus and the Earth. It corresponds to the element of Air. Vervain is sacred to Aphrodite, Aradia, Artemis, Cerridwen, Hecate, Hermes, Innana, Isis, Juno, Jupiter, Kali, Mars, Thor, Venus, and Zeus. It may be used in Love, Prosperity, Purification, Protection, Preventing Nightmares, Creativity, Inspiration, Healing, and works for Peace. It attracts well meaning Faeries.

Vetivert: Excellent for uncrossing, protecting, cleansing and then refocusing.  Technically a power herb, it may be used to strengthen hexing formulas but its greatest ability is in Un-hexing.  Powerful and efficient.  It is ruled by Venus and the elements of both Earth and Air. It is sacred to Pan and Aphrodite. Vetivert is used for Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Peace, Exorcism, and Protection.

Violet:  for truth.  Guards against deception and creates an atmosphere of trust and honesty.  Violets are Feminine in nature. They are ruled by Venus and the element of Water. They are sacred to Venus. The Violet is used in Love Spells, for Sleep, Peace, Transformation, Modesty, Honesty, Healing, and Dream work.

Walnut Leaves:  Walnut Leaves are used specifically in Breaking Spells.

Willow Bark and Leaves:  It is sacred to Hecate, Ceres, Persephone, The Triple Muse, Mercury, Minerva, Artemis, Mercury, Hecate, Moon Goddesses, Helices, and the Triple Goddess in all Her Dark Aspects. It is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. Used for Lunar Magic, Love Spells, Mourning, Chastity, Fertility, Purification, and Faery Magic.  Willow Leaves have been used to make a tea to Cleanse Magical Space.

Witch Balls:  Also known as Sweet Gum Balls.  It is ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire. Used for Protective Magic, Witches Bottles, and to Reflect Magic away from you.

Wood Betony:  Wood Betony is Masculine by nature. It is ruled by Jupiter and the element of Fire. Add to Midsummer Fire for purification and protection of the home and family in the coming year. Wood Betony Expels Nightmares and Evil Spirits.

Woodruff Powder:  It is ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. It is sacred to the Druids. It offers the gifts of Humility, Victory, Protection, Prosperity, Consecration, Release, Renewal and Faery Blessings.

Wood Sorrel:  Wood Sorrel is ruled by Venus. Wood sorrel is used in Faery magic, and for the evocation of Elves.

Wormwood:  It is sacred to Iris, Isis, Artemis, Diana, Chiron the Centaur, and Innana. It is ruled by the Moon and Mars. The element of correspondence is Fire. Wormwood will offer Psychic Powers, Protection, Breaks Spells and Reverses Curses or Hexes, Call Spirits, aid in Animal Magic, Love Charms, and Transformation.

Yarrow Flowers:  Yarrow is sacred to Achilles and the Horned Gods. It is ruled by Venus and both Earth and Water. It is Feminine by nature. Yarrow will bring a Happy Marriage and is used in Hand Fasting Ceremonies. Use Yarrow for Love, Courage, Psychic Powers, Exorcism, and Longevity.

Yew Needles:  The Yew Tree is ruled by Saturn. It's elemental correspondence being that of Water. It is sacred to Saturn and Hecate.  Yew Enhances Magical and Psychic Abilities.



You can use herbs and spices to add meaning to your spell work.

You can throw them in the cauldron and burn them up with something.
You can dust objects with them for meaning.
You can roll them into candles.
You can even put most of them on your food or in your drinks.
You can put them in amulets or charms.
You can put them herbs in little bags and hang them to bless areas of the house.
You can mix them with loose incense.
You can toss them into the appropriate winds and make a wish.
You can grow your own of the herbs that you use the most and charge
them by chanting or blessing them while they grow.
You can combine them with each other or other symbols; such as inscribing
a rune for happiness on a candle and rubbing it with cinnamon for happy dreams.
Herb Enchantment

When using herbs in magick, you should “enchant” them before you use them. Match an herb with your need and touch or run your fingers along or through the herb, thinking of your need and perhaps chanting it. Send your energy from your power hand into the herb, and when you can sense that the herb is infused with and aligned with its purpose, your herb is enchanted.

You can use herbs to place in sachets, which are pieces of cloth tied with yarn or ribbon. Choose an herb that matches your need or wishes, fill a piece of gauzy cloth, add trinkets, nuts, charms, or oils as appropriate, and tie it up with an appropriate ribbon color while visualizing the charm’s purpose.
A poppet is useful when magick has to be attached to a person. Simply make the outline of a person on cloth, fold it over, cut out two person outlines, and stitch them together to make a person-pillow. Leave one end open so that herbs can be stuffed inside. Use enchanted herbs that match the need (such as love or health) that you’d like to fill the person or yourself, and then stitch it closed. Use it in a ritual on your altar with candles to infuse the person with the met need. When it has worked, pull the poppet apart and bury the pieces.
You can make potions of herbs by boiling water, then pouring it over the herb and letting it soak covered for a while. Use one teaspoon of herb for every cup of water, and don’t use metal pots in any part of the process! Use the product of the process to drink as teas, use as additions to bath water, or rub on the body.
Use your imagination and you will come up with some great ways to use these herbs and spices. Please remember to research all herbal properties before use as some herbs and woods have poisonous properties.  If you are pregnant, please take extra precautions before handling any herbs. All Natural Items should be Treated with Respect for their Powers and Attributes. They should NOT BE INGESTED for any reason.  Before beginning Magickal Workings with any Herbs, Resins or Natural Items, it is your responsibility to research and know what you are working with.  Remember to also keep all your magickal tools, Herbs, and Other Dangerous Items out of the reach of children, pets and those who are less capable or responsible than yourself.