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    Magickal Colors

Here are the General Magickal Color Correspondences...
True Red
Tuesday, Mars, love, sex magick, energy, courage, strength, Element Fire, fast action, vibrancy, power, passion, lust, willpower
Garnet Red
passionate love, sex, or anger, war, Mars, Scorpio, intense lust, general Dragon Magick
honor, love, romance, affection, emotions, nurturing, self-love, glamour, friendships
Sunday, the Sun, attraction, charm, confidence, knowledge, persuasion, protection, intellect, imagination, creativity, memory, the God, accelerated learning, mental blocks, Element Air, concentration, study, communication
Amber (Dark Yellow)
Witchcraft-oriented symbol, development of ability, empowerment
Reassurance, kindness, sympathy, granting others wishes
Energy, motivation, magnetism, encouragement, stimulation, career, law, ambition, success, selling, action, new home, business
Friday, Venus, prosperity, wealth, money, growth, fertility, finance, physical healing, luck, abundance, Mother Earth, tree and plant magick, the Element Earth, personal goals, beauty
Balancing the practical and the spiritual, decision-making skills, achieving a level of trust with someone
Getting things in perspective, relieving stress, attaining control over matters that are out of hand, memory aid, finding logical solutions or reasons for problems
Light Blue
health, patience, tranquility, understanding, creativity, peace, the Element Water
Royal Blue 
Thursday, Jupiter, change, inspiration, occult wisdom, protection, good fortune, depression, impulsiveness, prophetic dreams, truth
Dark Blue
psychic ability, astral travel, lucid dreams, change
General Faery Magick, relaxation, intellect, bringing out strengths and talents
Wednesday, Mercury, spiritual healing, peace, higher spirituality and wisdom, ambition, business, power, enhanced psychic abilities, influence, third eye, hidden knowledge, power boost, soul mate
Dark Purple 
magickal workings, divination
General Familiar Magick, animal healing, earth rituals, uncertainty, hesitation, influence, special favors, lost objects, home, grounding
Saturday, Saturn, confusion, discord, loss, banishment, binding, shapshifting, repelling negativity, protection, crone magick, mourning, loss, abstinence, power, rumors, interference, guarding secrets
Monday, the Moon, cleansing, purification, sincerity, truth, the Higher Self, the Goddess, blessings, substitution for any color other than black
Remove negativity, encourage stability, psychic protection, the Goddess, peace
solar powers, the God, security
Candle Magick
Simply choose a candle color matching your need, dress the candle (by rubbing it with oil and then purifying it with each of the elements), and inscribe with runes or symbols if desired, and then use it to send energy through in a spell. If you use a candle, do not blow it out (pinch or snuff it), and remember itís best to let a candle burn all the way out if it has magickal energy going to your cause inside of it.
When working with Faeries, candle colors are usually two-toned representing the following magickal correspondences...  one combination for each day of the week as well as each point of the Faery Star (Septagram).   You can work with the primary color if two colors are not available.
Turquoise and Green for... 
Monday, Venus, the Moon Goddess, Earth element, Perfect Love, prosperity, luck, growth, abundance, fertility, renewal, communication, personal truth
Lavender and Purple for...
Tuesday, Mercury, Awakening, Water element, spirituality, expansion, intuition, imagination, secrets, psychic powers, astral travel, Faery connection & communication, peace, vision, revelations, prophecy, alchemy
White and Silver Grey for... 
Wednesday, Harmony, Magick, the Moon, protection, peace, purification, initiation imagination, enhancing magickal abilities, higher wisdom
Brown and Black for... 
Thursday, Thor, Balance, Saturn, the Moon element, animal familiars, earth connection, grounding, new growth, strengthening, absorption of negative energy, banishing, protection, magick, secretiveness, binding
Ice Blue and Indigo for... 
Friday, Freya, Devotion, Air element, the Winds, Jupiter, forgiveness, blessings, patience, peace, happiness, truth, healing, depression, aligning, reflection, revelation, divination, visions, scrying
Red and Burgundy for... 
Saturday, Mars, Spirit element, Magick, energy, passion, courage, fire, vitality, strength, anger, impulsive behavior, invigoration, motivation, determination
Light Yellow and Golden Yellow  for... 
Sunday, the Sun God, Fire element, Personal Will, the Sun, learning, joy, happiness, renewal, hope, confidence, communication, inspiration, dreaming, emotional clarity, energizing, ceremony, ritual, material gain, influence
When working with Dragons, candle colors are usually two-toned representing the following magickal correspondences...  You can work with the primary color if two colors are not available.
Green and Brown for...
Earth Dragon Magick, summoning Grael, attracting Dragons of the Forest, Mountains, Lands, Minerals, Gems and Moonbeams
Positives are midnight, winter, gemstones, caves, soil, respect, endurance, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness, purpose in life
Negatives are rigidity, unchanging, stubborn, earthquakes
Yellow and White or Light Blue for...
Air Dragon Magick, summoning Sairys, attracting Dragons of Flight, Wind, Storm and Weather
Positives are sunrise, spring, clouds, breezes, breath, optimism, joy, intelligence, mental quickness, renewal
Negatives are gossip, bragging, forgetfulness, windstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes
Red and Orange for...
Fire Dragon Magick, summoning Fafnir, attracting Dragons of Fire, Sun and Volcanoes
Positives are noon, summer, the Sun, blood, enthusiasm, activity, change, passion, courage, daring, will power and leadership
Negatives are hate, jealousy, fear, anger, war, ego, conflicts, lightning, volcanoes
Turquoise and Blue for...
Water Dragon Magick, summoning Naelyan, attracting Dragons of the Seas, Springs, Lakes, and Rivers
Positives are sunset, autumn, compassion, peace, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind
Negatives are floods, rainstorms, laziness, indifference, instability, lack of emotional control and insecurity
Black and White for...
Light and Dark Dragons for balance and centering
Light offers positive creative magick, daytime, the Sun, spirituality, balancing karma, truth, positive attitude, psychic guidance
Dark Dragons offer negative destructive magick, nighttime, Moon and Stars, rest, dreams, psychic guidance, balancing karma, truth
Lavender and Dark Blue for...
Dragon Moon Magicks, psychic abilities, vision, dream work, spiritual contact
Dark Blue and Dark Purple for...
Dragon Storm Magicks, Weather Magick, brewing up storms, raising winds, summoning rains