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    Using Your Pendulums

There are generally no rituals involved with pendulum use, although some people hold their pendulum in their hand before they begin in order to 'charge' it, or feed it their energy. You can use the pendulum anywhere. When you ask your questions, you may want to record the answers. You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum. It will guide itself, either moved by your thoughts or a spirit who will work through you. Once you select your pendulum you are ready to begin.

Sit down and get comfortable. Try to choose a time when you are relaxed and not so full of stress. You can rest your elbow on a table in front of you, allowing the pendulum to swing free; or, you can hold your arm in a horizontal position. The most important thing is that your pendulum can swing freely.

The first step is to get the feel of the pendulum and how it will move for you. You will ask your pendulum questions that can be answered by 'yes' and 'no'. So first you must determine in which directional pattern the pendulum swings for 'yes' and in which direction for 'no'. Hold the pendulum in your hand and watch it closely. Be certain the pendulum is not being guided by the movement of your hand or fingers. Now address the pendulum and say, "Show me Yes". It will soon swing in one direction - which could be side to side, back and forth, or in circles. Now say, "Show me No". It should swing in the opposite direction.

Once you have determined the pattern for 'yes' and 'no' you are ready to begin asking your questions. Start with something simple such as, "Is it rainy today?", "Is it January?", or "Can you answer my questions?". Once you get the 'swing' of it, you can move on to personal questions. If the motion of your pendulum increases, or the circles get large, the energy is increasing and you can expect change linked to the question you were asking. Pursue further questions to get additional information. The faster the movement, the stronger the energies. Sometimes a pendulum will appear to dance up and down, and this is usually an affirmative response. If the pendulum does not move at all then you must stop and try again at another time.

Good luck, may the answers come to you!