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Age Limitations

We do not know of any children anywhere who have been harmed by having their awareness and intellect expanded. It is ignorance which causes harm, not knowledge. Nevertheless our purpose is to provide ADULTS with genuine literature and equipment so they can investigate all religions and philosophies. We repudiate any suggestion by ardent Christians that knowledge of minority religions and magical traditions is harmful to children. This is pure hypocrisy when compared with the indoctrination of their own kids daily and by rote with exposure to psychopathic stories of death and destruction from the bible which contain enough violence and perversion to warrant an 'X' rating! Proselytizers of a religion which features an image of an emaciated man dripping blood and entrails and with his hands and feet nailed to a cross are in no position to adopt a holier than though attitude about what is and what is not appropriate for the children of parents who hold other beliefs. However until minors reach 18 they are still legally under the jurisdiction of their parents/guardians and we respect their rights with regard to deciding the belief and religion of their offspring. We do not therefore provide goods to people under the age of 18 unless their parents/guardians provide permission in writing. This permission can be selective (e.g. only books of a stated kind) or global; on an each-purchase, or all-purchase basis, as specified. Permission should be sent in with the order by ordinary mail in the first instance. If Parents/Guardians instigate an each-purchase permission status then every order will have to be sent in by mail and countersigned by them. Otherwise, after the initial written permission is received, we can accept orders from their charges by email limited, of course, to their original permission specification. In this instance the parent's credit card will be used and the contract of sale will be with them. We have put these fair rules in place so that parents who have an objection can retain control, and those parents who are liberal and pluralist in approach can teach the ancient wisdom to their offspring without the humbug and censorship which infects this area. Note that: Some items of an adult nature will only be provided to over 18s and that some items will be restricted to over 16s. For example all magical knives, swords, blades and sharp instruments. Parents/guardians should bear these things in mind and oversee all orders placed. All items are legal under Federal law. These voluntary rules concerning minors proves our social responsibility to the family. Our stance towards minors should NOT be seen in any way as tacit admission of any harmful or negative repercussions from occult or new age involvement and we uphold the rights of all parents to teach their offspring the meaning of life in the way they see it. In-store sales will also be under these guidelines.